Rio Grande -

Professional photography for your adventure!

Get ALL the pics and run them fast and you have the video too! Every splash, wave, and scream of your rafting adventure captured with our high-quality photography services. Here’s how it works:

If you don’t see your trip, try refreshing your browser.

DONT DELAY! Images will only remain online 5 days after your trip

Our JPEG files are large enough for a 20 x 30-inch print.

Perfect for social media posting. Please tag us:, #RioGrandeRaftPics.

Watermarks will be removed from the downloaded images.

You will own the digital files to share, print, love and remember in Perpetuity throughout the Universe!

We deliver high-quality, high-resolution, color-corrected JPEG files for instant digital download.

Images will remain posted for 5 – 7 days after your trip. Don’t delay!

If you have past your 5 days send us an email and we will help retrieve your pics.

If your images are posted they are available for purchase

Choose from various packages per raft tailored to your preferences, whether you desire the entire gallery of your raft or a curated selection of edited highlights.

Pricing is tier based. The more photos you add the more you save per photo.

Our system works by Raft and the Deals work by Raft ONLY.

Our photos are taken by professional photographers with high end equipment. Our digital files are fully shareable. If  the number of pictures is divided by the number of people in the boat, it is easy to see just how low cost our professional packages truly are!

Buy the Whole Enchilada (ALL the pics of your Raft) and share the images with your other friends and family in the same raft. Everyone in the boat can get ALL the pics for less than $15 each which is waaaaaay less than buying one pic per person (math will vary depending on your group)

Packages do not cross over different rafts…even if your group does.

Our deals truly are incredible per raft, as photos can be shared with each person in the same raft so please – BE HAPPY the packages are such a GREAT DEAL!

One person from your family can buy all the pics from each raft and share with everyone…divide the package price per boat by the number of people in each boat and you’ll see that everyone in your group can have all the pics for less that $15 per person…what a great deal- less than buying one photo each! (math will vary according to group size but usually a raft has 6 people) 


Our Photos are Great, High Quality, MADE IN THE USA and shareable!

We are woman owned New Mexico Company.


We aim to upload your trip photos on the same day, but please allow up to 24 hours for your photos to be posted. Check back regularly and refresh your browser to see the latest updates.

  1. Choose the package you would like; Single image or whole enchilada or 5 or 10 pack
  3. Once added to cart a screen will appear with plus signs allowing you to choose the images you would like to select.
  4. click BUY
  5. The cart symbol is in the upper right hand corner if you get lost
  6. Choosing Square allows you to pay with just your credit card without a PayPal account  .
  7. THANK YOU for shopping with US!

What do I receive with my purchase?

When making a purchase you will instantly receive an email and/or SMS that you can download view and share right away from your phone or computer. You will be able to do anything personal with your digital purchase, share print and love in perpetuity throughout the universe!

We hope you enjoy your purchase. Thank you for supporting the staff and team that made your adventure special!

My photos still aren’t ready!

Sometimes, it could be as simple as your photos are still uploading to the gallery in the cloud, or there is an internet problem in our area. We would recommend waiting a couple hours as internet speeds vary significantly by locations, and refresh your browser. We try to have all our trips posted by 9 pm the same day, but occasionally int may take up to 24 hours.  If you received an email saying your photos are on their way, hang tight.

Other times, there could be an error along the crazy tubes of the internet or an innocent spelling mistake. If you believe this is the case please contact our guest experience team at [email protected] or text 707- SEE-FOTO. We want you enjoying those photos as soon as possible.

Photographers can sometimes also be understaffed or in the field off the grid making new rafting pics and extremely busy. Please be patient as they try to get their photos or videos up as fast as possible.

P.S. Please check your email’s inbox or spam folder for emails from 

What can I do with my purchase?

Anything for your personal use! Feel free to share, download, remix, print or add to a shower curtain, mug, pillow, Christmas card or personal t-shirt!

Download Error Message

Don’t freak out! This happens from time to time when a bad character gets accidentally put into a digital file name. Just send us your Order Number and a note indicating “Download Error” to [email protected] or text it to us at 707-SEE-FOTO.

We will have to get the original files from the photographer and have them resent directly to you via “WE TRANSFER”. It could take us up to 24 hours to get the new set of images sent to you but usually waaaaaay faster. We want you to be enjoying those awesome adventure pics asap- so we will do everything we can to resend to you ASAP! 

You will need to check your spam and junk folders but we will let you know with an email or text that the images are on their way.

Refund Policy

In general, we do not offer refunds if:

  • You have downloaded or shared your content.
  • You do not want your product in digital form.

We hope you will review the images at the takeout with the photographer and online before purchase. If you are unhappy with the image exposure (too light or too dark)  let us know and we will work to re-process the images for you. 

If you don’t see your trip photos, try refreshing your browser.
For assistance or questions, please contact us at [email protected] or text or call us at 1-707-SEE-FOTO. We are happy to help!

If you want to order ALL the PICS from your boat, choose the WHOLE ENCHILADA to SAVE BIG! 20-40 photos for 1 LOW price! (that's like $2-$4 per pic or $14 per person in your boat...